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About Us

CBD Oil Scotland is a family-run business established in 2015. From our own experiences with CBD, we have seen a need to bring high-quality CBD products to the market at a price that was more accessible for everyone. Our customers are at the heart of what we do, so we always take the time to listen to your experiences, queries, and feedback to better tailor our product offer, ensuring we have the right products available for you. Specialising in CBD means we can focus on what really matters to our customers in regard to our products: quality, transparency, and affordability. We hand deliver our products all over the country, so you can meet the team and have a point of contact to listen to your queries and share your experiences. 

CBD has become a large and lucrative market, and it is easy to distinguish which businesses are there purely for commercial gain, and which are there for the right reasons. We believe we are here for the right reasons: to provide the best quality product in Scotland at the best possible price, with the best customer service. 

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